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About Us
About Us
Striving for excellence, achieving perfection and beauty
We have been focusing on the research and manufacturing of copper alloy materials!

Dongguan Sanhe Machinery Co., Ltd Established in February 2008. Since its establishment, we have been focusing on the research and manufacturing of copper alloy materials! Over a period of ten years, continuously accumulating and improving; Relying on professional technical talents and advanced production and testing equipment, we can customize the production of various grades of copper alloy mechanical parts for customers both domestically and internationally. The production capacity of a single casting can reach 1000 kilograms。

Main products:Copper sleeve, copper bearing, copper worm gear+worm, copper guide plate, copper ball seat.

Scope of supporting services:Punching and forging machine tools, powder forming machinery, die-casting and peripheral spray machinery, rubber and plastic machinery, mining, metallurgical machinery, engineering machinery, air, port and marine equipment, recreation facilities, die cutting, printing machinery, etc.

Because of specialization, so professionalism! Providing higher quality products and services for mechanical manufacturers is our consistent pursuit!

  • 15 Year

    Industry production experience

  • 1000 Kilogram

    Production capacity of individual castings

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